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Limited Edition Archival Paper Prints 18" x 10"

Limited Edition Archival Paper Prints 18" x 10"


An 18" x 10" Limited Edition archival print, signed on enhance matte paper of the painting entitled Principle 1: Mentalism, Principle 2: Correspondence, Principle 3: Vibration, Principle 4: Polarity, Principle 5: Rhythm, Principle 6: Cause and Effect, or Quetzalcoatl's Headdress by Sharon Healy. Comes with certificate of authenticity and sticker in a protective plastic sleeve and foam core board to protect. This paper giclee is shipped flat, not rolled. Number may not be the one pictured. Once sold out this will no longer be available. All prints are made by the artist not printed through a third party.
All prints are a series of 100 except Quetzalcoatl's Headdress which is a series of 75.
Color may appear slightly different on your monitor.

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